The Virgin

With Virgo as your Sun Sign

With the Sun in the mutable earth sign of Virgo, your are a practical and adaptable person. You may like to be of service to others in some way, probably more concerned with their material well-being and comfort, but if you feel you are being taken for granted or taken advantage of, you will not be slow to criticize. You can pay great attention to detail, and have a keen analytical mind. You like to have your life and affairs organized and in order, a trait that can make you fussy and dissatisfied with anything short of perfection. There may be some concern with health throughout your life, either as a concern with healthy living, or as a result of bad health due to your overwrought nervous system. You must learn not to worry so much over your own or others' imperfections.

With Virgo as your Ascendant

With the mutable earth sign of Virgo rising at the time of your birth, you approach life with a need to analyse your experiences in order to fully understand them, and then often you will have a need to communicate about them. You have an excellent critical faculty that is sometimes expressed as fussiness and too much attention to detail.

You have a sympathetic nature, are spontaneous and very, very helpful. You like to be of service to others when you can, but you can be somewhat over-critical when others do not live up to your perfectionist standards. Cleanliness and the care your physical body are important to you, but if  there are difficult aspects to the Ascendant on your natal chart, you may go to the opposite extreme.

Those with Virgo ascendants do tend to worry and be hyper critical of themselves, and this can lead to a distinct lack of confidence, and in a physical sense this may lead to you having headaches and migraines. In relationships, the need to nag one’s partner is always present, but also a cool warmth with a tender loving side to the character that will eventually emerge. Watch out for the tendency to try to find the easy way out of arguments or problems when challenged by others.

Virgo is ruled by the planet  Mercury. As the ruler of your Ascendant this planet will be of particular importance in your chart.  

January 2018 for Virgo Ascendant

These predictions have been written to fit your Ascendant sign, and that is dependent not only on the day your were born but also the time that you were born as well as the place of your birth.

Ok, so Virgo Ascendants, what does 2018 hold in store for you? Well it's natural to starting with the outer planets and how they are affecting you in general and this is a summary of where they are moving before I move on to a more detailed chronological look at the year ahead.


Overview - The Sun and Venus are in Capricorn as we start this year and Mercury joins them in this sign on 11th January and there is a general focus on matters of the heart, creative talents, your free time and children's matters. Between 18th and 20th January both the Sun and Venus shift into Aquarius and as they do our values and ideas move over to more day to day routine concerns. Mercury follows on behind moving into Aquarius on the last day of the month.

Mars generally sets the agenda in regard to our actions and motivations, and we find it in January your house of communication alongside Jupiter. With these two planets setting the scene at the start of the year matters of things written and said take on importance. You'll have to be cautious of what you say or write on around 8th of the month with Jupiter and Mars forming a conjunction, as you may expand the truth a little or worse still let your ego take over. You may be less cautious than you normally are (unusual for you as a Virgo Ascendant) and this either can go in your favour as people will appreciate your optimistic tone, or you may go a little over the top with the effect of driving people away from you. Be very careful of how you promise to others, as you may in time realise that you can't fulfil what you stated you would.

On and around 16th January Jupiter and Pluto combine in a sextile. This useful aspect can allow you to use deep intuition and gut feelings to create things you thought not possible, you may be surprised at the intensity of the work you produce. Your words and the way you communicate can influence people you love and get them to follow your lead and you can successfully teach children to respect your opinions through the depth of knowledge that you can impart to them.

On the 17th January there is a quincunx between Mars and Uranus, and this may see you having to react to a letter, email, or communication in regard to someone or something that tries to control you in some manner, either financially or in a more manipulative and unexpected way. Unusual events may affect siblings, neighbours or people in your local area.

Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 26th and the focus will shift towards your family and home situation. Now and in the next two months you will be more forthright with family members, your parents and with landlords and house mates. This transit also could bring situations where you have to make repairs at home or you have to fix something. This part of your chart is also linked to matters with women, your traditions, and also of your personal security and these matters may come into focus for you.

On the 31st January we have the first of five eclipses this year, a lunar eclipse in Leo to start things off. This eclipse will highlight matters of personal sacrifice, needing seclusion, suffering, charity, working behind the scenes , hobbies and people against you that you aren't aware of. Any one of these matters will be subject to emotional change in the following few months.

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