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The Bull

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Your Personal Horoscope - Sun Sign and Ascendant Sign

With Taurus as your Sun Sign

The Sun is in the fixed earth sign of Taurus in your chart. You are basically a steady, reliable type of person who is motivated by your material possessions, what you own and what you can get. You have a strong will and once you have set your mind on a course of action and you can carry it out with persistence and determination. The fixed nature of the sign, however, makes it difficult to change your course once you have started, even if it becomes apparent that the course you are following is wrong. Persistence can turn to stubbornness. Like the bull, you may be patient and slow to anger, but when roused can be furious. Often your anger can be sparked of by feelings of jealousy or possessiveness. You love the good life, but can become lazy and self-indulgent.

With Taurus as your Ascendant

The fixed earth sign of Taurus rising at the time of your birth indicates that you project an image of stability and reliability. Others may perceive you as a rather laid back or even a reserved person, although this may not be the case once they truly get to know you. You need to base your life on a secure material foundations before you can feel easy enough to pursue other goals; your confidence will grow along with your bank balance and you will need to see physical proof of your wealth and possessions before you “feel whole”. What you do need to realize is that material security can be an illusion that can easily disappear, so don’t spend your whole life chasing shadows, and learn to let go when necessary.

You are patient and persevering and yet fiercely stubborn, and you need to be pushed pretty hard before you lose your cool, but when you do, the object of your anger should just clear out of your way. Slow to enrage but slow also to calm down, your ire and feelings of resentment may last a long time before they subside. Relationships tend to be very intense and passionate and you may be a demanding person who’s energies need to be “earthed” through your relationships. Intimacy is important to you but not only the only factor in how you see relationships, as friendship will be high on your list of priorities too. Taurus rules the throat and the voice and many notable singers have Taurus rising, but also the thyroid gland (ruled by Venus) which controls weight gain; often problem with one’s weight can be traced back astrologically to this connection.

Taurus is ruled by the planet  Venus, the house position and aspects to this planet will be of particular importance in your chart.

How are the planets affecting you right now?

Mercury is moving in your 1st house and this is a time when you will be eager to express your opinions and ideas to people. Any discussion or debate will enthuse you, however you will tend to give your point of view rather than listening and accepting someone else's ideas. Venus is the quiet sanctuary of your house of solitude and sacrifice and this is a time when you will be drawn to help others who are in need; your partner may need you to make some sacrifices on their behalf and you will be in a selfless mood to accede to their wishes. Beware of not falling into the trap of aiding people to get some kind of reward in return, as you won’t receive one, so best not to expect any. Mars is in your second house and the temptation to go crazy and spend too much is high. Keep an eye on your bank balance and try not to impulse buy, as you may regret it. A partner may disagree about how you are handling your finances, or they may not be interested in showing you the love that you normally expect from them. The New Moon in Gemini on 25th May also highlight matters of finances or something you have recently purchased. You may take a more independent attitude to the way you value yourself.