The Archer

With Sagittarius as your Sun Sign

With the Sun in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius, you are basically outgoing and open-minded. You have a need to explore and to find out what is just over the horizon. This need can be expressed literally through travel, or on a more mental level through the exploration of ideas and philosophical systems. You may combine both, travelling for the purpose of expanding your mind. You are adaptable and versatile, able to make the most out of any situation. You see life as a great adventure, and it is the future and future possibilities that draw you on. You may be prone to exaggeration, and your blindly optimistic and boisterous nature may make you careless and irresponsible. You may have to learn the hard way that you need to take care of unfinished business before you can move on to your next adventure.

With Sagittarius as your Ascendant

With the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius rising at the time of your birth, your immediate impression on others will be of a friendly and expansive person, with a great deal of energy and faith in life’s many  possibilities. In essence you will always need a challenge to take on and you will approach life with an openness to new experiences, and you will always have an eye on what lies just over the horizon. For you, pursuing your goals will often be more rewarding than actually achieving them. It is the journey that is important, and when you have reached your destination or achieved your goal, you will be looking around for another to take on. Those with Sagittarius rising are the philosophers of the zodiac, and your need of knowledge and self knowledge is one of your real strengths. You may have a tendency to live beyond your means or impulsively promise something that you cannot deliver, and your wide ranging approach can lead to you ignoring vital details, which can cost you dearly.

In relationships, friendship is very important as is someone who can challenge you intellectually. You will have a sexual exuberance, but if someone is not on your level, boredom can quickly set in. You will hate being hemmed in, and need plenty of space in which to live. When life offers no challenge, be aware that you can be beset by depression and you can get drawn into eating or drinking to excess.


The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter. As the ruler of your Ascendant this planet will be of particular importance in your chart.

January 2018 for Sagittarius Ascendant

These predictions have been written to fit your Ascendant sign, and that is dependent not only on the day your were born but also the time that you were born as well as the place of your birth.

Ok, so Sagittarius ascendants, what does 2018 hold in store for you? Well it's natural to starting with the outer planets and how they are affecting you in general and this is a summary of where they are moving before I move on to a more detailed chronological look at the year ahead.


Overview - The Sun and Venus are in Capricorn as we start this year and Mercury joins them in this sign on 11th January and there is a general focus on financial issues and matters concerning your personal values. Between 18th and 20th January both the Sun and Venus shift into Aquarius and as they do you'll be more focused on how you express yourself, and what you are learning. Mercury follows on behind moving into Aquarius on the last day of the month.

Mars, the planet of action, is the one that I look at to determine the direction that your life will generally go and we find it as we begin the year in your house of suffering, sacrifice and solitude alongside Jupiter. These planets meet up on and around 8th January As a result, you will find that you are concentrating your efforts in the main out of the public's gaze and behind closed doors. You may have pulled back from society as January began and made a conscious decision to exist a little more quietly than you normally would do. This aspect encourages you to act in a generous manner, so any work assisting others, elderly people, the disabled, those who are ill or those with special needs may be very rewarding for you. You can also do extensive research through this connection and assist reaching a wide audience through work and deeds you do behind the scenes.

Jupiter is forming a sextile to Pluto and this on your chart indicates a shift in your personal values. Jupiter in the part of your chart affecting your unconscious mind brings an opportunity to explore hidden issues and to learn about your fears, worries and concerns, and to open out to them. Now the sextile to Pluto is an opportunity to delve deep beneath the surface and purge yourself of any hang ups and insecurities that you are suffering from. Once you start to understand the deep hidden motivations buried within yourself, you can then start to adjust your value systems, as you will have a new information to work with. Seek out those with knowledge who can help you with this process.

On the 17th January there is a quincunx between Mars and Uranus, and this may see you having to adjust your ideas and maybe making a sacrifice in regard to the one you love, children or on behalf of a, creative project, hobby, sport or out of hours pastime that you do. Your own selfish or egotistical actions might be to blame for the reaction that you are receiving from others, and it might be a time to look at your own behaviour and adapt accordingly.

Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 26th and the focus will shift towards how you feel about yourself. Personally you'll start to feel more enthusiastic, active, assertive and will be noticed far more by others around you. You will tend to stand up for yourself and your views much more readily, and if you are challenged then you will not hold back in defending yourself. Mars boosts your energy and you will be able to get much more done than normal during this transit.

On the 31st January we have the first of five eclipses this year, a lunar eclipse in Leo to start things off. This eclipse will highlight matters of higher learning, beliefs, travel and cultural ties that you have, law and legal matters, publishing and issues connected with in-laws and extended families. Emotional issues and changes linked to these parts of life may likely affect you during the next six months or until the summer eclipse season begins.

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