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Please e-mail me to - paul@solarisastrology.co.uk

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Astrology by Paul Saunders Solaris Astrology is real living astrology,  connecting the movement of the planets,  stars and constellations with your life,  and with the world around you.

Astrology Reports to Order

Consultations & Reports

I can look at your own Personal Horoscope and assess you character & I can look at current movement of the planets compared to your personal chart to assess the past, present and future - this does take some advance preparation. I can look at your chart and your partner's one - relationship analysis & I can look at other situations for you - potential talents and possible work direction.

Please note that all written reports can take a while to write as they are all hand written. It is normal to wait around 14-21 days for delivery of some of the longer reports that I write. Thank you..

Talk to me live. Do you want to have a consultation via Skype or by telephone?

If you wish to chat via Skype or by phone rather than get a written report this can be arranged, just let me know. The first thing to do is to please email me at paul@solarisastrology.co.uk to ask for availability. I can look at any area of life but I will need you full birth details and ideally a little time in advance to look at your chart first. Prices vary for written reports. For Skype readings I am charging £50 for an hour’s chat (approximately $65 US Dollars or around 60 Euros) and in that time you can ask me anything...

To check my availability please consult my diary for the next 2 months below...

                                                    ******** Skype Readings Availability ********


Current Skype chat prices -  £20.00 for 15 mins/£30.00 for 30 mins/£50.00 for an hour - £10.00 per extra 15 mins over 1 hour

Other Astrological Readings

Want to ask me about some other issue in your life? Here’s the chance for you to find out what’s going on. I will need some context, mind you. Just let me know what area of life you want me to look at i.e. work, money, relationships and a brief description of what is going on right now, and the reason why you are contacting me. The more I know, the more I can help. To give me a chance of being accurate I will need an exact time of birth. If you wish to chat via Skype rather than get a written report this can be arranged, just let me know. Any written report will be sent with a natal chart and is in pdf format. Please enter your date of birth in word form I.e. 16th May 1985. Thanks…

Current Price List - Written Reports

Full birth chart reading - £120.00

Looking ahead into the future - Transits and Progressions - 3 months - £60.00  / 6 months - £90.00 / 1 year - £120.00

Fixed Stars Reading - Looking at the position of the stars against your birth chart - £60.00

Individual or Specific Questions - £40.00

Eclipse Reports - How the next Solar & Lunar Eclipse will affect you - £60.00

Contacting Me

You can contact me via email at :-  paul@solarisastrology.co.uk - I can also be found on twitter at @solarisastro

Please note: Any charts that I do which do not have an accurate birth time will unfortunately be far more limited in scope and detail than one that is precise. The house positions are affected by the birth time and it greatly affects what I can see on it. Before you book, please try and find out the relevant time. It will be worth the effort.


Pay by PayPal - you can make payments to me via the following button -                                        

Payments should be paid to my email address - paul@solarisastrology.co.uk - then please email me with your birth details and any other information for me to help me to complete the reading. The more information you can give, the more accurate it will eventually be.

Pay for Readings

Current Diary

I am currently completely free for all bookings…


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