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Your Personal Horoscope - Sun Sign and Ascendant Sign

With Pisces as your Sun Sign

With the Sun in the mutable and watery sign of Pisces, you are a complex being and you can be rather unworldly and idealistic, with an innate urge to trust everyone. On the positive side this makes you sympathetic, compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others, but you are very impressionable to outside influences and may be easily led. Like the sea however, your emotional nature is full of hidden depths, sudden storms, and strong, shifting emotional currents that can sometimes overwhelm you and those around you. You have a tendency to  be vague, moody and periods of self-doubt and self-pity will often affect you. You have a strong disposition toward escapism and a refusal to face reality. "Feeling good" may be more important to you than dealing with the practical necessities of life. On the positive side, this can be expressed through meditation, a strong imagination and a wonderful appreciation of creativity. On the negative side this can lead to an excessive dependence on drugs (including alcohol) or fruitless daydreaming and an inability to conform with any kind of routine or self-discipline. If you can harness all the potential, emotions instincts within you, then you can be very successful, as you can sense in which direction to go without being told.

With Pisces as your Ascendant

The mutable water sign Pisces was rising at the time of your birth, indicating that you are sensitive and  impressionable in your general approach to life. You tend to melt into your surroundings, and others may not notice you or give you due recognition. Please don’t undervalue yourself as you really can make a difference. You will however need to work at gaining a strong sense of identity, since your openness  and  extreme sensitivity to the needs of others may cause you to be taken advantage of, or to be led  into actions that you would not personally choose. You are generally someone who leads from the front, but someone who influences subtly from the background. 

Others may regard you as something of a soft touch and a dreamer, an idealist who finds it difficult to cope with the harsh practical realities of the material world. You may feel the need to express yourself through music or other artistic activity, or by working at some project that involves sacrificing your own personal needs for the good of others. Difficulties with dealing with the real world could make you turn to drugs as a means of escape so a more positive approach to solving them would  be through some form of meditation. The objectivity and sense of peace gained through this would benefit you physically as well as mentally. Be careful of not being too critical of your partner as this can be wholly destructive and can lead to unwanted separation.

The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune and the house position of this planet, and its aspects to other planets, will be important in determining how and where you most easily express both the positive and negative sides of Pisces rising.

How are the planets affecting you right now?

Mercury is now transiting through your house of communication and this will be a busy time with many people wanting to get in touch with you via  messages, emails, queries and requests of your time. Life will not be boring and your mind may be whirring. You may make a lot of short local trips now too. Venus is in your house of finances and there will be a chance to make money now, but also spend it once you have it in your pocket. Your need to acquire is high now and shopping may be on your mind to make you feel better. Make sure you get what you really need rather than spending for spending’s sake. Mars is travelling in your house of domestic issues & you may be able to get a lot of work around the house done. Your home, where you live and those who live there will be a priority and you may strive hard to bring it up to the standard that you desire, be it through cleaning, painting and decorating. At work the atmosphere may be much more restrictive though, and a boss may give you more responsibilities to have than you genuinely want. The new Moon in Gemini on the 25th May will put the onus on family issues or more to the point parental ones. Home is where most of the action will be in the next couple of weeks in your life…