The Scales

With Libra as your Sun Sign

With the Sun in the cardinal air sign of Libra, you are interested in  harmony and living a life free of pressure and argument, so that you may be happy. You are friendly and sociable and have a need to extend your experience through a variety of different kinds of relationships, and can hold your own in any social circle. You are capable of seeing both sides of any issue, and with your innate sense of fair play you dislike injustice in any form. Although you can be impartial and objective when dealing with the affairs of others, when you are directly involved the scales can become unbalanced and you can show a surprising degree of selfishness and lack of objectivity. You will have a deep concern with broad social issues, and the need for balanced and harmonious human relationships, both interpersonal and international.

With Libra as your Ascendant

Libra is a cardinal air sign. With Libra rising at the time of your birth, you express Libran characteristics in your approach to life. There is a need to base any of your actions in an objective and fair way. The keynote of Libra is balance and so this position gives you the ability to see various alternatives in any situation, and to understand the other person’s point of view. The one problem with this approach to life is that it can lead to chronic indecisiveness, and you may just sit on the fence and will not be able to make up your mind. You will try to base your actions on what is true and just, but you will have to learn eventually to make decisions, and to accept responsibility as a consequence. The first impression others have of you is of a friendly, charming, fair and just person who is very sociable but also someone who does not have the strongest character.

In relationships, those with Libra rising tend to fall in love with love and rush into relationships without thinking, and as a result they are prone to getting their hearts broken. In close relationships, watch out for a certain selfishness that develops over time. They are not generally worriers, and if they do have concerns, they tend to discuss with others to sort out their problems.


Libra is ruled by Venus. The position of this planet will be  of particular importance in your chart.

January 2018 for Libra Ascendant

These predictions have been written to fit your Ascendant sign, and that is dependent not only on the day your were born but also the time that you were born as well as the place of your birth.

Ok, so Libra ascendants, what does 2018 hold in store for you? Well it's natural to starting with the outer planets and how they are affecting you in general and this is a summary of where they are moving before I move on to a more detailed chronological look at the year ahead.


Overview - The Sun and Venus are in Capricorn as we start this year and Mercury joins them in this sign on 11th January and they highlight family and domestic affairs. Between 18th and 20th January both the Sun and Venus shift into Aquarius and as they do your interest will turn towards love, creative pursuits, pastimes and children's matters. Mercury follows on behind moving into Aquarius on the last day of the month.

Mars is the day to day mover and shaker on the Astrology chart, and as we begin the year he is in your house of money and values with Jupiter, therefore issues of your income and how you earn a living, money, possessions, your personal values and your self worth matter you you most in January.

You may see good things happening in regards to the money you earn or your income on and around 8th of the month. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and if you action things correctly you may be able to really boost your earning power. Of course this is the house where you spend what you have in your bank account, and you may go crazy and impulse buy. Your judgement may be very over the top now and be careful that you don't waste your money, or pay way over the odds for something.

The sextile between Jupiter and Pluto on and around 16th January suggests you investing in something for your home. You may borrow money in relation to your house, start or plan to start making major changes to the structure of it, or maybe there are other changes that are in the pipeline? Your personal values are tied to your family now, to women in your life and your financial security and these themes may be influencing your behaviour at this time.

On the 17th January there is a quincunx between Mars and Uranus, and this may force and adjustment with you in regard to how you help a partner out financially. A sudden expense or loss of income may put more pressure at this moment in time, and you'll have to adjust your actions to cope. It's also possible that you might go out on a limb and go and buy something unexpected for your loved one, something they completely would not expect.

Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 26th and your priorities will change towards local matters, how you speak and communicate, relations with neighbours and siblings, matters of travel and vehicles and connections to education and schools. In the coming couple of months you will get busier and you'll tend to make a lot more trips and journeys, deal with more paperwork, contracts, documents and agreements, and you may be associating with your neighbours and people in your local community a lot more. Matters with brothers and sisters may be important too.

On the 31st January we have the first of five eclipses this year, a lunar eclipse in Leo to start things off. This eclipse will highlight matters connected to friends, groups, associations, clubs, cooperation, your hopes and dreams plus received love from others.

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