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Your Personal Horoscope - Sun Sign and Ascendant Sign

With Libra as your Sun Sign

With the Sun in the cardinal air sign of Libra, you are interested in  harmony and living a life free of pressure and argument, so that you may be happy. You are friendly and sociable and have a need to extend your experience through a variety of different kinds of relationships, and can hold your own in any social circle. You are capable of seeing both sides of any issue, and with your innate sense of fair play you dislike injustice in any form. Although you can be impartial and objective when dealing with the affairs of others, when you are directly involved the scales can become unbalanced and you can show a surprising degree of selfishness and lack of objectivity. You will have a deep concern with broad social issues, and the need for balanced and harmonious human relationships, both interpersonal and international.

With Libra as your Ascendant

Libra is a cardinal air sign. With Libra rising at the time of your birth, you express Libran characteristics in your approach to life. There is a need to base any of your actions in an objective and fair way. The keynote of Libra is balance and so this position gives you the ability to see various alternatives in any situation, and to understand the other person’s point of view. The one problem with this approach to life is that it can lead to chronic indecisiveness, and you may just sit on the fence and will not be able to make up your mind. You will try to base your actions on what is true and just, but you will have to learn eventually to make decisions, and to accept responsibility as a consequence. The first impression others have of you is of a friendly, charming, fair and just person who is very sociable but also someone who does not have the strongest character.

In relationships, those with Libra rising tend to fall in love with love and rush into relationships without thinking, and as a result they are prone to getting their hearts broken. In close relationships, watch out for a certain selfishness that develops over time. They are not generally worriers, and if they do have concerns, they tend to discuss with others to sort out their problems.   

Libra is ruled by Venus. The position of this planet will be  of particular importance in your chart.  

How are the planets affecting you right now?

Mercury is now affecting your house of change now and either through self-contemplation or via the help of others you can get deep, by that I mean examine your own motivations and better understand yourself. This is a house of death and regenerations, so maybe habits and mindsets that you have can be permanently altered during this transit? Venus is in your house of relationships and thus things with the one you love should be on an even keel for the time being, and you will enjoy the company of others. Relationships started now will be based more on the sexual side of things, and existing ones will be stimulated by intense emotional desires. Mars is in your house of higher learning and here you will be actively wanting to learn or do something new. You will also fight for what you believe in a rather forceful manner. Mars will be opposed by Saturn between now and the 28 May and a local issue, a communication you receive or matters linked to close family may force you to defend your beliefs. Journeys or responses you make now may be of a serious or important nature. The new Moon on the 25th May in Gemini could expand your horizons, if you are open to learning from someone wiser than yourself, or if you take it upon yourself to be more accepting of those who are in some way different than you are.