The Lion

With Leo as your Sun Sign

The Sun in the fixed fire sign of Leo in your chart indicates that your are proud and generous, with a love of theatrical and dramatic gestures. You have an innate loyalty and warmth and are affectionate and will spare nothing to those that you love. You have a need to express yourself creatively, and to be recognized for your achievements. The fixed nature of Leo gives you the strength and determination to succeed in your aims, once you have decided what they are. Your willpower is generally strong, and once you have set your mind on a course of action you can carry it out with great enthusiasm. You will need to beware of a tendency to become fixed and dogmatic in your opinions, and may be rather intolerant of other people's faults and shortcomings; this may arise from you not admitting of your very own ones. Of course, you may refuse to recognize them, or if you do, refuse to live with them. Expecting perfection of yourself leads you to expect perfection in others.

With Leo as your Ascendant

With the fixed fire sign Leo rising at your time of birth, you aim to make an impression on everyone you meet. You have a need to be recognized as a creative and self-motivated person, and to develop a sense of your own power and  worth. You need to be active in some kind of creative or self-expressive  pursuit in order to feel enlivened and you do have impressive organisational abilities, but your pride may often prevent you from admitting your mistakes to  anyone but yourself. This excess pride can be your very downfall, and you would be wise to try and control it and be a bit more humble. You can be warm and generous, not slow to give to those who need your help, but there may be a tendency to expect something in return. You will be happier and more content with yourself when you can learn to give without expecting to receive.

You need a strong and independent partner against who you can sharpen your mind and someone who will constantly challenge you and keep you on the ball. If this partner is successful in their own right, then so much the better for you as you will love to bathe in their glory.

Those with Leo ascendants are rather vulnerable to bad backs and stiff necks, and so if one can find a way to keep moving and remain flexible (via yoga for example), they would be well advised to stick to a regular regime.

The ruler of Leo is the Sun, as the ruler of your Ascendant, this planet is of particular importance in your chart.

January 2018 for Leo Ascendant

These predictions have been written to fit your Ascendant sign, and that is dependent not only on the day your were born but also the time that you were born as well as the place of your birth.

Ok, so Leo Ascendants, what does 2018 hold in store for you? Well it's natural to starting with the outer planets and how they are affecting you in general and this is a summary of where they are moving before I move on to a more detailed chronological look at the year ahead.


Overview - The Sun and Venus are in Capricorn as we start this year and Mercury joins them in this sign on 11th January and there is a general focus on work, how you are relating to work colleagues and health matters. Between 18th and 20th January both the Sun and Venus shift into Aquarius and as they do your values and ideas will start to be directed towards money your owe, taxes, investments and anything shared. Mercury follows on behind moving into Aquarius on the last day of the month.

Mars indicates the main themes where want to progress, and we find it as the year begins in your house of family matters and your home alongside Jupiter. The dominant themes for you to concentrate on at the start of the year will be domestic issues, your house mates, family issues, traditions and your personal security.

As we hit 8th January, Jupiter and Mars team up in a powerful conjunction. At this point you may be looking to plan to move forward with house improvements to give you more space at home, buy new things to make your abode more comfortable or effect other domestic changes. Your good and generous mood will make you popular with the other members of the family and with women too. You might be interested in genealogy, discovering your roots and learning about your family history.

As we get to the 16th January Jupiter forms a sextile with Pluto and this positive link will assist in your daily routines and to make them more efficient. You can now effect changes at home and in your domestic sphere, being able to cast a discriminating eye over any details that need to be attended to. You'll be “in control” at home and at work you may be able to use charm and subtle manipulation to get things rolling in the direction that you wish for.

On the 17th January there is a quincunx between Mars and Uranus, and this may see you having to adjust your ideas quite sharply in regard to someone who you live with or who affects how and where you live. Some kind of disruption may occur around this time in regard to this. Try and keep any irritation to a minimum, it'll be worth your while to accept any changes gracefully.

Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 26th and the focus will shift towards your social life, your lover, children, hobbies and what you do creatively. Now and in the next two months you will start to be more active in these areas of life. You may take up a new hobby, get involved in sports or games, make sure your relationship is vibrant and strong, and matters connected to children will become more into focus. You will be in a risk taking mood and willing to take a chance to further your aims.

On the 31st January we have the first of five eclipses this year, a lunar eclipse in your sign of Leo to start things off. This eclipse will highlight matters of yourself, how you relate to others and how your relationships are progressing. There is a danger of you becoming emotionally selfish, and you should guard against turning inwards and concerning yourself only with your own problems and issues. You may become a bit moody and argumentative and forgetful of others in the pursuit of your own agenda.

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