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Astrology by Paul Saunders Solaris Astrology is real living astrology,  connecting the movement of the planets,  stars and constellations with your life,  and with the world around you. The inauguration of Donald Trump - What is in store for America in the next 4 years?

The inauguration of Donald Trump, the 45th man to assume the Presidency of the United States is scheduled to occur at 12.00 o'clock midday on 20th January 2017. Sometimes the exact time of the oath of office is a few minutes off so I will update you if this occurs after the event takes place. This actual date is prescribed after any election, it has to be the 20th of January the following year and as such there are certain astrological factors that are always the same at the birth of any Presidency. Firstly at that time of day in Washington, DC the Ascendant will always be ruled by Venus with the sign of Taurus on the horizon, and thus the position and aspects of Venus will always be highly important. The Midheaven will always be ruled by Saturn with Capricorn on the cusp of the 10th house and the Sun is always in the first degree of Aquarius when the new President is sworn in. The Sun being high in the sky will always be in the 10th house of the chart as well, a position of authority.

So what of the chart we have here? Well to start of with Venus this time sits in Pisces, a sign which Venus is exalted, so she is strong and confident and this sets a tone for this Presidency. Venus is closely sextile to Pluto in the 9th house, thus immediately I see a transformation in priorities in connection to overseas links and alliances. Venus resides in the 11th house of the friends of the nation, so are things radically changing here?

Very interestingly, Venus although strong on the surface sits conjunct to Chiron, a wound, and at the midpoint of Mars and Neptune. Here I sense confusion (Neptune) around the administration's actions (Mars) in particular the relationships that are formed with other leaders and countries, and also over money and finances, both traditionally things that are linked to Venus. Are they being undermined, are the intentions of others deceptive? Venus is also in mundane Astrology assigned to diplomacy and women's issues, and I sense weakness and drift or even problems from the start connected to these too. There seems to be misdirection here or even a danger of illegal actions. Neptune Mars combinations show charisma, but also don't tend to respect the rules or the normal way of doing things. Something is not quite right here and with Chiron present next to Venus on this chart, is there something that Trump brings into this Presidency that is going to wound or hurt him in some manner? Mars Neptune is also a signature for military action (Mars) connected to spiritual or terrorist ideals (Neptune). It can also represent sexual acts (Mars) that have been clouded behind a veil of deception or action (Mars) to sort out the medical services (Neptune/Obamacare). So many possibilities, and only time will reveal which one of these become prominent in Trump's Presidency. At least one and maybe several of them will..

Even more interestingly, the Sun in this chart is peregrine, it's separated from the rest of the chart. Do you see that? It's almost as if the President (Sun) is divorced from the rest of the chart. On any birth chart I find that highly significant. In the birth of a child this scenario suggests to me immediately that the father left the family group at some point through death, divorce or other means or maybe was never present from the start. On a Presidential chart, it is highly unusual. There is more to this position. The Sun alone suggests that the individual will often live in their own self contained world. They often find relating to others difficult and they can become self-reliant, aloof and egotistical. There is a big drive to succeed, and to this end they will follow their own agenda to do so. This so describes the incoming President and his CEO character, however it also suggests that the team around Trump are just bit part players, and very incidental to the direction that Administration will travel in. The boss here calls the shots, he directs the traffic but will it be at the expense of the relationship he has with those working on his behalf beneath him? I feel that the Administration is detached from the leader, and in time the job at the top will in this case become a very lonely one. This chart and it's Sun in my eyes hints at a dictatorship rather than a Presidency and that worries me!!! Will this extend to Trump's relationship with his own party, the Republicans too? We will have to wait and see on that one...

The Moon represents the people on any mundane chart such as this and the Moon is in Scorpio, a sign of fall for the Moon and it sits in a cadent house, the 6th thus this Moon is in a weak position, so the population and their needs may be somewhat neglected in the face of this administration. Wherever the Moon sits there will be a focus on and emotion from the public to the issues involved, so in the 6th house matters to do with the services, military, police, fire, the health services and medical issues, blue collar workers and jobs and the unions. With the Moon trine to Neptune there is sympathy here to these issues and sacrifices made on their behalf. Jupiter sits in this part of the chart and he always brings expansion and finances, so expect a lot of cash being thrown at the army, navy, police forces and the health services as a replacement for Obamacare is sought.

Pluto squares Jupiter and Uranus opposes, therefore technological advances in these areas will be priorities, as will be blue collar jobs. Trump will try to regenerate these areas and breathe fresh light into them. There is tension here though and with Pluto in the 9th house of overseas connections, the justice system and the courts and belief, a radical transformation of overseas trade may take place. There is a hard line and changing attitude to religious affairs and justice here as well. Jupiter rules race relations so with Uranus and Pluto connected in a tense t-square, flash points and brutal confrontations may punctuate Trump's period in office.

The Moon also makes a sextile to Mercury, therefore the press who have been mercilessly attacked by the President elect will start to get the public's support. There may also be a public will to improve transport, education and the communication sector. I feel as well through the Moon Neptune trine that the creative industries such as music and film will do well during the next 4 years.

Saturn is placed in the 8th house of the secret services, assets and money held outside the US, taxes and investments thus I feel the administration will take these issues very seriously. Saturn sits trine to Uranus and so reform is definitely on the table and I suspect that President Trump will move swiftly to change the tax system and the rules connected to US companies with interests abroad. There is a sense through this trine that government is changing and the role of the Administration will never exactly be as it was, this is a new style of rulership coming in. The thing is, wherever Saturn sits trouble and restriction potentially resides and remember that Uranus is a disruptive influence, so will the President pick a fight with those in the CIA and FBI, and/or with companies holding overseas investments and finances?

You also have to realise that Saturn is square to Mars, Chiron and Venus too on this chart and this suggest blockages, intervention plus frustration in getting plans moving. I said before that this chart has uncertainty and potential weakness written all over it and Saturn here only adds to the problems. Military actions however well intentioned at the start may involve losses or difficult consequences. I am certain though of America taking things much more into her own hands than in the past. The matter of more shootings and social unrest at home is also unfortunately a direct possibility.

President Trump completed his oath of office at 12.00.15 hrs in Washington, D.C leading to a Taurean Ascendant of 14.13 degrees. This Ascendant is conjunct to the star Menkar, the brightest star in the constellation of Cetus the Whale.

Cetus is the sea monster of the deep, and Menkar dredges up a collective consciousness. There is an element of collectivism here, and of the presidency this time representing everyone in the nation. Even in his initial address, President Trump mentioned this concept as he said that this was a moment that the people took back Washington and the White House.

This is a star of triumph and despair, of great highs and great lows, of catching the wind of the moment when things are flowing correctly, but of great chaos and mayhem when they are not. This suggests to me that President Trump has a real test on his hands. Deliver what he promised and he will be applauded, but fail in his aims and huge problems will await him. Robson in his Fixed star analysis said about Menkar rising that it brought "Legacies and inheritances attended by much evil". That's a scary thought to end on. We wait to see if this prophesy comes true...