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Solaris Astrology Solaris Astrology is real living astrology,  connecting the movement of the planets,  stars and constellations with your life,  and with the world around you. European Union faces difficult and uncertain 2017

After last year's Brexit vote here in the UK the first cracks in the EU's solidarity were opened up. Britain is leaving in the next couple of years, and in the coming 12 months there are several general elections in key member states that could open up even wider fissures in the structure of the Union. Last night's Lunar eclipse only went further to highlight that possibility.

The problem in the EU chart lies in the fact that almost all of the planets sit in a very compact degree zone - Moon at 24 Tau, Merc at 19 Sco, Ven @ 19 Lib, Mar @ 24 Sco, Sat @ 23 Aqu, Ura @ 18 Cap, Nep @ 18 Cap, Plu @ 24 Sco and Asc @ 17 Leo. Now within that list are 6 planets and points in fixed signs, the EU Sun is in a fixed sign too therefore this is a body very resistant to change, and so when it does happen then the whole structure will be dragged kicking and screaming into change that it doesn't want. What's more concerning is that when a transiting planet or an eclipse gets into this degree zone, it will hit all these planets at the same time rattling the chart quite severely. The EU at this minute is facing such a scenario.

The lunar eclipse last night landed at 22 degrees Leo in the EU's first house, therefore making aspects to most of these planets in a stressful manner. It made a wide conjunction to the Ascendant, squares to the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Pluto and an opposition to Saturn. That's a serious hit promoting emotional change to the whole structure. If you also consider that transiting Pluto, the planet of enforced change is now at 18 degrees Capricorn and hanging around this degrees for the next year or so, conjunct to Uranus and Neptune plus square to Venus, you must realise that virtually the whole chart is taking a real jolt. Eclipse hits are not immediate, they take time to work through before the real effects are felt and I feel that the ramifications of these aspects will be seen later on in the general elections in Holland, Germany, France and Hungary during 2017. All the indications are that more radical, extreme and controversial candidates promoting nationalist views and being in the same breath being hostile to immigration and Islam will have success in those votes. There seems to be public support in Europe for putting up borders to stop any more migrant influxes, mirroring what has been happening in the USA.

Things are changing in the EU for sure and the biggest indication of a major adjustment is coming through the inconjunct aspect from transiting Pluto to the EU Ascendant. I don't think that the EU will split apart, but I do feel that a major redefinition of how it operates may be on the cards sooner rather than later...