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Astrology by Paul Saunders Solaris Astrology is real living astrology,  connecting the movement of the planets,  stars and constellations with your life,  and with the world around you. Australia's child sexual abuse problem

In Australia, a 5 year probe into child sexual abuse has concluded that institutions in the country had failed to protect children. The abuse extended to the handling of kids in schools, churches and sports clubs over years. On the Australian natal chart, any Astrologer could have pointed this out years ago.

On any chart, children's issues are represented by the 5th house and on Australia's chart Mars, the planet of sexual acts is found here. What is more disturbing is that it is at the point of a very nasty t-square, squared by Pluto in the second house of values highlighting undercover sexual practices as part of the national values system, and also squared by Uranus, the planet of unusual and perverse activities, sitting in the 8th house of secrets, power, control and sexual activity.

In the past couple of years transiting Saturn has been traversing a very packed 8th house running a rule over the this brutal and secretive side of Australian life, and the report came out as Mercury and Saturn conjoined on the natal Chiron Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in the final degrees of Sagittarius. Transiting Mercury turned retrograde in the past few days directly on that natal Chiron, prompting the review to be published. Chiron in the 8th house hints at longstanding wounds that have to be dealt with in this case sexual abuse (8th house). Mercury indicates a need to report and communicate and Jupiter is the planet of faith and education, therefore no surprise that church officials and teachers were implicated. Jupiter expands any problem through excess, and this practise was shocking how widespread it was, but also gives a chance for it to be opened out to the world and for healing (Chiron) to be found.

The last degrees of any sign is the anaretic degree, providing a sense of completion and full understanding, and this report has been completed and published just as Saturn exits this triple conjunction and heads for the 9th house of higher learning, education and law. Saturn will no doubt there toughen the sentencing for anyone found to be abusing kids, and quite right too. Australia in this sense has much to do and learn, and the planets are helping the Australian public to right a wrong that has been going on behind the scenes for far too long.