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Astrology by Paul Saunders Solaris Astrology is real living astrology,  connecting the movement of the planets,  stars and constellations with your life,  and with the world around you. Saturn in Capricorn 2018 - 2020 - It’s time to get real…

Saturn in a few days time is moving out of Sagittarius where it has been for the past couple of years and entering it's home sign of Capricorn. This is happening on 20th December 2017 and Saturn will finally exit Capricorn for Aquarius on 17th December 2020. The last time Saturn was here was from late 1988 until early 1991 and if you remember back to that time, it oversaw the breakdown of the communist Eastern Europe, as the Berlin wall fell alongside the failed governments of the cold war era. It is significant that all of those countries liberated in that 2 year period have gone on to steadily grow, and though it's been a long hard road, many are now stable successful nations in their own right.

Now Saturn returns back to the sign it rules, and we will all see a shift in emphasis in all our lives. When you think of Saturn, you think of responsibility and all of us will have to take more responsibility for our actions. By that I mean using our resources wisely and efficiently, working hard and not cutting corners, being realistic in our outlook and ambitions, being patient and taking our time to make sure that all that we do is realistic honest and true. If we achieve those aims then we can create the very order and structure in our lives that most of us crave for.

I think in the next two years I think we will also look for a simpler life than we have. One of Saturn's roles is to limit, to conserve and cut out the waste. We've already in the last two years while Saturn was in Sagittarius seen the effect on excess in our lives. In financial terms, austerity has been a watchword in many countries after the explosion of the financial markets between 2008 and 2012 and growth has not been easy in the past two years. Saturn hates complications, and we may find regulations trimmed down and simplified, governments going back to old policies and strategies that worked in the past, traditional values will be appreciated and we will need to play by the rules to succeed. Saturn is going to run the rule over all administrative structures in the next couple of years, and any that are chaotic, wasteful and and corrupt may like the Communist dictatorships of the cold war era may crumble and fall under the public's collective need for a more accountable society and as such we will want our leaders to be sincere and authentic. Growth in simple terms may come out of failure, and you know the old adage “we learn much more through difficult experiences and failure, than we ever would do through success”. Much of this may come when Saturn makes contact with Pluto in late 2019 and into the beginning of 2020. Pluto is obsessive power, and Saturn's conjunction with Pluto may see new administrative structures forming out of the ashes of nations where absolute, secretive, undermining or manipulative control has failed.

You know in the past few years most societies have become much more materialistic, we have embraced a faster more throw away society, and we have not respected the earth. I think will be a big theme in the next couple of years. Saturn is now going to be in an earth sign Capricorn, and Saturn wherever it goes gathers up and eliminates all the mess and litter in our lives. I think there is going to be a huge focus on cleaning up our planet, on ecology and conservation. With Saturn in Capricorn we are going back to basics, and the organic way of growing food, the use of recyclable materials and the proliferation of plastics contaminating our lands and seas is an ever present growing threat. I mentioned that old fashioned ideas given a modern twist may be the way to go , and the preparation for this has been in the making with Saturn being trine to Uranus in the past year. Now will be the time to implement those new strategies to improve all of our lives.

Saturn loves quality over quantity, order over chaos and anything that is well thought through, that has been worked on and matured over the years now stands a chance of true lasting success. Traditional will win over trash, well made items that last will be more desirable than something that last 5 minutes and then breaks, counterfeit will be regulated against and originality will be sought after. Never think that Saturn is a sign that is staid, old fashioned and tired. Capricorns and those ruled by Saturn know that anything innovative and quirky is good, so long as it's relevant and handled in the right way.

I don't think it's a pessimistic transit and downbeat transit, indeed I think with the world in the perilous state that it is in at the moment that we need some strong, patient considerate leadership. Believe me, those who have done wrong in the past few years are going to find chickens coming home to roost between 2018 and 2020. The quiet, strong, diligent approach is going to win the day now. It's time to put away the ego for a couple of years at least, to look at the problems that you are facing and to tackle them head on through planning, organisation and by taking the tough decisions that need to be made. No excuses, no ifs, no buts, it's time to get real and down to business.