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Jane Fonda - "I suffered rape and sexual abuse as a child"

Jane Fonda has opened to the press out about some very personal and hurtful memories today and kudos too her for doing so, it's such a brave thing to admit to, and she will probably feel better and more relieved for it.

She was born on 21st Dec 1937 in Manhattan, NYC at 09.14 am, a Sun Sagittarian with her Moon in sunny Leo, she would always be outwardly expressive and want to be "on show" there is fire a plenty here, enthusiasm and and pride. Yet on her chart was a darker shadow too that any Astrologer worth his or her salt would immediately notice.

Firstly her Sun was opposed to Chiron the wounded healer and her natal Saturn squared this opposition. Neptune from her 8th house also makes a square to Chiron. Secondly we find Pluto right on her Ascendant opposed to her personalised Jupiter and her Ascendant. So what does all this mean?

Well Pluto a Pluto/Jupiter opposition is one of those aspect that makes one a risk taker, sometimes incredibly lucky and it promises wealth, fame and international travel. There is a much darker side though as Pluto is transformational, brutal, secretive, sexual, it exudes power and control and it indicates to me a vulnerability to other more powerful individuals who would exchange (opposition) all these wonderful things for control over you. In her revelations Jane also mentioned a nasty world of being held to ransom over work if she didn't sleep with her boss. That's exactly what I am talking about here with this Jupiter/ Ascendant opposition to Pluto.

The other aspect is more damaging. Chiron is a wound that we bring into this life and is often played out in one's childhood, and it is I believe is connected to the sign Virgo. Virgo on her natal chart rules the 8th house of sex, secrets and all the things connected to Pluto that I mentioned earlier. Square to Saturn there is loss and hurt that the individual feels through this wound, and opposed to the Sun brings a more sinister side to all this, as the Sun represents the "father" in ones life as well as men in general. Jane never mentioned who caused this abuse to her, but we can only but guess!!

Neptune square to Chiron out of that 8th house shows suffering and sacrifice, confusion, escape and a propensity to hide things behind the scenes for a long time, a psychological hit that would affect her self worth (Pisces is on the cusp of 2nd house representing self worth and personal values). This is backed up with the aforementioned Saturn ruling both her 12th house and her 1st, thus the hurt and harshness hit her personally (1st house) and psychologically (12th). Lastly one also can see that Chiron also makes an inconjunct aspect to her Ascendant, these wounds would cause her to adjust her life in order to accommodate them, and with her Ascendant ruled by Capricorn and thus Saturn, it would take her a long time to deal with them fully. With the revelations today, that is eminently true.

It is ironic that transiting Saturn is now starting to conjunct her natal Sun, making a square her natal Saturn and opposing her natal Chiron, lighting up that t-square on her chart. It's time to address these issues. Saturn brings us maturity and strength to deal with difficult issues, and maybe now she felt ready enough for her to handle them? Fair play and good luck to her for doing so, and I hope her example gives strength to others to come out and deal with their wounds and problems too...