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Your Personal Horoscope - Sun Sign and Ascendant Sign

With Capricorn as your Sun Sign

With the Sun in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn you are basically a down to earth and practical person. You possess a great deal of patience and quiet ambition, but you may also suffer from a distinct lack of self-confidence. You are not pushy but once you have decided on a course of action you can work hard for many years, enduring many set-backs, to achieve what you have set out to do. You will want to be seen doing the right thing but saying that you will also need to see some sort of material or tangible result from all your efforts, accruing wealth or a position of authority and power. You do have a tendency to take life too seriously, there is always work to be done and duties to perform and you may have little patience with those who take a more laid back approach to life and love. You may need to loosen up a bit sometimes and enjoy life in the here, and now and that will come out in the form of an off-beat sense of humour that will delight everyone around you.

With Capricorn as your Ascendant

The cardinal earth sign of Capricorn was rising over the horizon at the time and place of your birth. You will tend to approach new phases of your life cautiously, reluctant to let go of the old ways until you are certain that the new venture will be successful, or is the right thing to do. As a result, self-confidence is a real issue with you. One minute you will feel like a king with huge self-belief and the next you will feel so nervous that you will unable to carry out the simplest of tasks. Often you will be unable to see yourself or analyse yourself clearly, so you  may underestimate your own abilities. You will tend to have a serious air about you & others may perceive you initially as cool and not very approachable. You do tend to err on the side of pessimism, even when things are going well for you & you will not allow yourself to become over optimistic since you feel that if something can go wrong it probably will. You are quietly ambitious, with a need to achieve your ideas or ideals through some kind of practical endeavour. Once you have set your sights on a mountain to climb you can pursue your goal in spite of set-backs and disappointments and nothing can stop you from reaching the top, even if it takes a lifetime.

In relationships, those with Capricorn ascendants can be very warm, caring and sensitive to their partner’s needs and may even worry over them and show undue concern. Avoiding tension is necessary, as you can develop skin complaints is stressed, and Capricorn Ascendants can suffer with depression when setbacks block their progress in life. Capricorns are surprisingly musical, and this help to calm them and cheer them up.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the house position and aspects to this planet will be of particular importance to your chart. 

How are the planets affecting you right now?

As I write Mercury is in your house of individuality, the most light hearted part of your chart and your focus will be on love, children and the things you do away from work, such as hobbies, sports and socialising. You can concentrate more in your individual skills and abilities to sharpen them up. Venus is in your house of the family and there is an accent on the them and the home now. Maybe you will get friends round for a get together or just want to enjoy the luxury and peace of your abode. Now is a great time for redecorating and for adding to your living experience to make it how you want it to be. Mars is in the part of the chart linked service and routine, and you will want to keep busy at work otherwise you may get frustrated. Beware of upsetting work colleagues or stepping on their toes. Health issues may come to the fore and you may have to take a hidden issues a little more seriously than you first thought. The New Moon in Gemini on the 25th asks you to assess your diet, health and general well-being, and to get tasks that have been waiting to be done completed. It’s time to have a proper spring clean in your life.