Wednesday 24th Jan 2018

Mercury conjunct Pluto


The Moon starts today in the sign of Aries therefore we have drive, ambition, impatience and enthusiasm. We may be a little brusque, and the potential for us to act first and think later will be ever present. Our emotions will be very direct and we will go for exactly what we want, without thinking of the needs of other. Yes we can be just a little bit selfish in our attitudes this morning.

The Moon starts today in conjunction to Uranus, and this makes our moods rather unpredictable and cranky. You'll definitely want to do your own thing, you'll be fascinated with anything new and novel and you'll be in a mood not to comply with the wishes of anyone who wants you to do something. The Moon soon makes an inconjunct to Mars and  if anything your impatience will be even stronger if someone or something holds you up, (this is an aspect that may indicate technical hitches) and you may be irritated if you have to adjust your the way you are doing something. You may have to change tack because something isn't working so well and somebody's unpredictable behaviour may also annoy you.

The Moon moves into Taurus in the late morning and this should settle us down emotionally. The Moon in Taurus is calm and peace loving, and doesn't want much fuss. Soon after this happens, Mercury moves into a conjunction with Pluto. This is a conjunction of powerful communication, deep thought, manipulation and suggestion. There is a desire to look for information under the surface, the hidden details or the secret message, and we can we can achieve much by relying on instinct and searching our souls. This is the aspect of the investigative journalist or the careful researcher, and there is the possibility of a media story coming out of the woodwork, maybe connected to anything Plutonian such as spying, investments, big business, unpleasant secrets, sex and intimacy or manipulative behaviour that makes us sit up and really take notice.

The Moon still has a couple of aspects to make before this day is done, and the first involves a trine to Saturn, an aspect of controlled emotion, of hard work and a desire to do this well without cutting any corners. We are loyal at this moment, honest and able to keep perspective on any situation, and this may be necessary as the Moon also forms a square aspect to the Sun, the first square in this particular cycle. This aspect indicates our emotions and actions are at cross purposes, and difficult situations, disagreements and emotional bust-ups  could occur late on if we are not careful. Any upsets will unsettle us now, and in response we may put up the barriers around us to stop any more hurt coming our way. Try and keep your cool, even if you are being provoked and ride out the storm until the individual upsetting you calms down as well.

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