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Solar Eclipse of 26th Feb 2017

This video explains how the coming solar eclipse will affect us all over the coming six months. It will be helpful if you know your natal Ascendant sign in watching it…

Chiron square Saturn - Time to go with the tide

We are approaching the 2nd connection in a series of three as Chiron in Pisces moves forward to form a square aspect with Saturn in Sagittarius, the planet of wounds and subsequent healing making a tension riddled and difficult square to Saturn, the planet of restriction, loss and hard lessons learned. Just from those two descriptions you can probably see the effects of this square coming into being. The next exact hit (the first one was over the Christmas holidays on 28th December) occurs on 30th April at 27.19 degrees Sagittarius/Pisces, although the effects of it will already be starting to make themselves evident, as this square is now just over 2 degrees from being exact and continuing day on day to close in. There is an extra complication in all this too, as Venus retrograde joins in the mix from mid April onwards.

Saturn here is waking us up to problems that may have been affecting us for a long time now, wounds and things hurting us, maybe nagging problems of our own making or ones that we have been dragged on for a while. Now these planets are asking us to take them seriously. This is a slow process of acceptance that we are going through and the real effects may have already shown themselves at the end of last year. Now we are coming to another pivot point in a journey to rid ourselves of some longstanding issues, and the pain inside you may be quite palpable as Saturn makes us face up to reality, and the reality may be initially very hard to cope with. When you are faced by any problem in life you initially have to think and reflect about the best course of action, react to it by making a plan to make the best of the situation facing you, and then start to act upon it to make your position better and to improve things. In the next month if you haven't already seen the effects no doubt you will do.

Saturn is giving us no choice in the matter here and we are all going to feel rather uncomfortable. The way to get out of the situation will be to take matters squarely on the chin, accept that we have difficulties and resolve to make the best of them by adapting our behaviour. I say adapting as both these planets are in mutable signs, so whatever the situation we find ourselves in, we will need us to be flexible and to realise that the rules are changing, we are in a fluid situation that will need us to change direction and get used to new people, or matters in a state of constant flux. You may find as if you are sinking into quicksand, or trying to walk the wrong way along a moving walkway. Struggling against the flow of things will not help us get through this annoying aspect, and putting up a brick wall and trying to deflect the blame or to bat away the difficulties we face is not going to cut it now either; that will only make things a lot worse than they already are. If you are open and adaptable as a person, you will cope with this square much better than if you are more fixed in nature. It's time to go with the flow and make the best of what faces us.

The Venus influence (which I wrote about yesterday) brings in the matters of love, relationships, values, possessions, money and finances, our income, things we are planning to buy or sell in the months ahead, and our own self worth. These issues will be central to the hurt and problems that we are already facing, and as Venus turns direct in close conjunction to Chiron on 15th April, these wounds are the ones that we are going to have to take very seriously, and adapt our thinking to.

The houses under question that are causing the emphasis of change and difficulty will be the ones on your chart ruled or affected by Sagittarius and Pisces, so look here to where the ground is shifting and where you will have to change your approach. If you can work with rather than against the general direction, even if it's one that may not be to your initial liking or satisfaction, then you have a chance of turning things around and getting out of this particularly harsh aspect relatively unscathed.

Neptune - A personal story

In this article I look at the effect of Neptune on everyone. Neptune is seen in some circles as this dreamy, spiritual, creative influence on people, but Neptune has a much darker side that I investigate through personal experience…