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Your Personal Horoscope - Sun Sign and Ascendant Sign

With Aries as your Sun Sign

With the Sun in the cardinal fire sign of Aries, you will appear to people as outgoing and self-assertive. You have an energetic approach to life, and a frank and direct approach to others. You can show a great deal of courage and a willingness to plunge into anything without too much hesitation. Sometimes giving things a little thought before you leap would be in order. You have a basic need to establish your self-identity in the face of any potentially hostile environment, and may view life as battle that must be fought and won, an attitude that will ensure plenty of confrontations. You can be too impulsive and blind to the needs and feelings of others, but your extrovert and aggressive approach to life is often a compensation for a deep insecurity over who you really are.

With Aries as your Ascendant

With the cardinal fire sign of Aries rising at the time of your birth, you will approach life directly and forcefully. You  will have a need to be noticed, for people to accept you as you are. As a result, your manner may at times be rather abrupt and often upsetting to others. You may feel that life is a battle  which needs to be fought to win and you will not  have little or no tolerance for people who stand in the way of you getting what you want.

You can adapt easily to any situation and of course those strong extrovert qualities will always make a big impression on others. You tend to be a “live wire”, full of physical energy and enthusiasm. You are always up for taking on a challenge, but you will need to  temper your energy with some consideration for others who may be less enthusiastic, if you want to achieve some balance and harmony in your relationships. Saying that, those with Aries rising do have a great need to be involved in an emotional relationship & the Arian spirit needs not only to relate but also to be fair and equitable to the partner.

Aries rules the head and those with Aries rising may suffer more than their fair share of headaches or possibly eyestrain, especially when they are feeling stressed.

As Aries is ruled by Mars the house position and aspects to this planet will be of particular importance in your chart.

Your Week ahead - 1st Mar until 7th Mar 2017

Be on the look out for a personal flash point early in the week maybe between yourself and a partner, it'll probably be over something selfish that you did that you maybe regret. The following couple of days will allow you to reflect in a way over the events which happened around the solar eclipse and to come up with solutions to situations that you may find yourself in. This week you will be starting a process of assessing your personal values and what you hold dear to your heart, consider what and who is important to you. The weekend allows you to take a step forward and to start making progress again.