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Astrology by Paul Saunders Solaris Astrology is real living astrology,  connecting the movement of the planets,  stars and constellations with your life,  and with the world around you.

Hi there. My name is Paul Saunders and I am a professional Astrologer.  I come from a small town to the west of London in the UK. I started to become interested in Astrology around 20 years ago, after reading one of those "Your Year Ahead" supplements in a well known Sunday newspaper. After one year being quite accurate in the predictions and the next year being absolute rubbish, I decided to buy a book and find out why the "Astrologer" wrote what she had wrote (I've always been inquisitive)?

The first book I bought was Parker's Astrology (by Derek & Julia Parker). It is a wonderful book for starters of the subject, and still readily available today. I still refer to it to this day. This was the time before computers, so I had to make all the charts out by hand. In the past few years, all that I learnt has started to make more sense; I guess Astrology is a subject you only really start to appreciate as you gain in age and maturity.

All the articles I write come from what I see on the astrology charts. I am not one of these sweetness and light Astrologers, I tell the truth as I see it. This is a serious subject and the Astrologer has an awesome responsibility placed on his or her shoulders, as one is dealing directly with people's lives and livelihoods. I try to double check details as much as I can to make sure all my articles and reports are as accurate as possible.

I launched Solaris Astrology back in on 16th February 2011 when there was a conjunction between the Sun and Neptune in Aquarius. Since that first day, I have had so many wonderful comments and e-mails about my work and articles (see below), and I have acquired a some high profile clients, including CEO's of companies. Confidentiality will always be my watchword should you decide to consult with me.  

This website I hope will encourage more people to gain an interest in how the "forgotten social science", the subject and application of Astrology is relevant to today's world, looking at the lessons of the past, the reasons for what is happening in the present, and guiding the life path for the future.

If you are searching for an answer to a question, look up, as all the answers are there for you to read, if only you care to look for them.


Paul Saunders - Professional Astrologer