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Saturn square Neptune - Gaining strength from our vulnerabilities.


Throughout 2015 into 2016 Saturn, now moved into Sagittarius for a two and a half year stay, makes an important square aspect to Neptune. To find out what this important aspect has in store for us all, please click here to continue to my article on it...

Come and see me talk about Fixed Stars

I am going to be talking at the Woking Astrology Group, in Surrey, UK on Friday 3rd October 2014 at 7.30 pm. Please come along and support my Astrology.

The Lunar Eclipse of October 2014 - The clear out begins.


It’s eclipse time again folks!! It seems only yesterday that we were experiencing the spring ones early this year, and now in just over a week’s time the autumnal ones are coming along. You will remember the last Lunar eclipse very clearly I suspect, it was a quite brutal one based around a very severe cardinal cross. This one again sees the outer planets of Pluto and especially Uranus playing a very potent role in the energy that will shape much of our world for the next few months.

Is the great American dream coming to an end?


I have been seeing signs from this side of the pond in the UK in the past few weeks that the wonderful optimistic feeling that has always characterized the prevailing attitude in the United States is crumbling, the belief of the great American dream is being openly questioned. This article looks at the future for the United States in compaison to history and Astrology. Pluto is starting to oppose the US natal Sun and this will prove a turning point for America and also it’s hopes for the future...

France - The Astrology of the Charlie Hebdo Massacre


On 7th January 2015 at about 11.30am in Paris  in France an unspeakable massacre against a satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and the clever and talented people who work in it saw the cold blooded murder of 12 people all in the name of religion. The attack shocked the world and the outrage it provoked has united a nation in support of free speech and the right to comment in the face of violence. Looking at the Astrology a clear picture comes into view about why this tragedy happened...

Welcome to Solaris Astrology


Hi there. My name is Paul Saunders and I am a professional Astrologer. My aim with Solaris Astrology is to provide an site that links what is going on in the universe around us to the people that are shaping our world and the events that are happening on planet earth as we live our lives. This is real Astrology, a living breathing interactive subject that intrinsically touches everyone of us. Astrology that is relevant, Astrology that is insightful and Astrology that I hope will open your minds to all kinds of new possibilities.   

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